Verds d’Andorra s’adhereix al Manifest

Keep Europe Together!

Ever since 2008, the world economy has been in a constant struggle. In Europe, the crisis has shown how tightly interconnected and interdependent our economies really are, and now poses a real threat to solidarity and the European project itself.

We cannot afford this risk: Greece must not be forced out of the Eurozone, which would only deepen the crisis further. We demand that our political leaders uphold the integrity of the European Union and refuse to gamble with our common future by pushing Greece to a default.

The political leaders of Europe must put an end to the xenophobic, aggressive language which divides us instead of uniting us. Europe has been built on the basis of mutual trust and the aspiration that together we are stronger than apart, but the rhetoric is now changing and prejudice has increasingly found its way into public discourse. Governments exchange accusations instead of support, and sweeping, colourful stereotypes of entire nations or regions are used as ammunition. A debate which is simplified and prejudiced becomes a platform for populists to mobilise against the basis of European solidarity itself.

In times of crisis, Europe needs more solidarity, not less! The crisis has put our values to the test, as those in the most vulnerable positions have been hit the hardest by the crisis, and are now being forced to carry the heaviest burden. The youth in crisis-affected countries is struck by skyrocketing unemployment rates and extremely limited prospects for the future. The elderly and ill do not escape the effects of the crisis either, as they too suffer greater hardship. Putting the social cohesion of individual countries at risk is putting social cohesion of the whole of Europe at risk.

In the face of an imminent threat of Greece being forced to leave the Eurozone, we the undersigned Youth Organisations consider that this is a dangerous gamble which threatens the very integrity of the European Union. We urge leaders in Europe to rise to the occasion, to demonstrate the political courage that the situation requires and take every possible step to prevent this from happening.


International Organisations:

Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)

European Free Alliance Youth (EFAy)

Young European Federalists (JEF)

International Young Naturefriends

National Organisations:

Conselho Nacional Juventude (National Youth Council of Portugal (PT)

Νέοι Πράσινοι (GR)

Scottish Young Greens (UK)

Red EQUO Joven (ES)

Joves d’Esquerra Verda (ES)

Mladí zelení (CZ)

écoloJ (BE)

Jeunes Vert-e-s (CH)

Млади Зелени (BG)



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